i explore sound and express my thoughts and fantasies through it. studying classical music brought me skills. life adventures are bringing me understanding and sense. imagination combines all of it and brings it tosounding, to hearable, or to silence. i use the 13 string guitar, a unique instrument which is trembling strongly when i play, giving me an instant feedback, anytime. it is like a dialogue. i collaborated with dancers, writers, objects, thoughts, musicians and myself. the outcome is different. the perception as well. listen to kotaro's piece here.
i like to rediscover classical music. transforming the music scores to sound via guitar is a great feeling. reinventing the sound, reviving it, sharing it. the perception is subjective. the message is unknown and open to interpretations. the performances are interactive. the audience is very important. listen without prejudice, have it, experience it. pandemic restrictions affected my expression. lately i am focused on dance music which i miss due to the restrictions. i do mixtapes. visit my soundcloud.


say hi, ask, be loud: thisislookah@icloud.com